Birds of Bhigwan

Bhigwan is a small town in Maharashtra on Pune Solapur road, about 100 km from Pune. Nearby there are many channels of backwaters of Ujani Dam on Bhima river. These water bodies have created an amazing habitat for wildlife where thousands of flamingos, ducks, gulls, terns and other winter migrants can be seen.

Most of the bird sightings happen around two places, Diksal and Kumbhargaon. The fishermen in Kumbhargaon offer boat rides & you can watch flamingos. Also you will get to see varieties of Storks (painted, open billed), Ibis (black head, red-naped, glossy), Spoon bill, Waders (snipe, sand pipers, redshank, Godwit, Ruff), Tern (whisker, river), Gull (Brown headed, Pallas), egrets (great, intermediate, Little), Herons (knight, purple, grey), Raptors (eagle, harrier, kites), bar headed geese, northern pintail, Rudy shelduck, Northern Shovele Indian spotted bill duck , lapwings, still, wagtails, doves etc etc…and what not..

There is no restrictions from forest departments and no fees.

In late winter you can see breeding colonies of storks, herons on tall trees nearby. Plan your trip such that you are there before 7 am.

Kranti Flamingo point at Kumbhargaon is one of the places that offers accommodation and boat rides at reasonable cost. It is managed by Mr Datta Nagare who is a nature lover and has taken great efforts in training the locals in preserving and training them as guides. We took the morning train from Pune and after reaching Bhigwan took an auto to the flamingo point. The road to the point is extremely bumpy and long so its better to bring your own car preferably a SUV. After reaching the point one can go on the boat rides which are offered. These rides are usually for 2 hours around, the rower serves as guide and maneuvers the boat to the bird sightings. The rides happen usually in the mornings and in the evenings. You can also try your luck for a night trail and find nightjar or ashy crown sparrow resting in soil. Food is provided by the locals as there are no restaurants, although the menu is restricted but the food is pretty good.



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