Eagle feeding at Palolem Beach – Goa

Palolem beach offers many things for the adventurer or the explorer. The forest cover near the beach has a large population of eagles and kites with many nesting sites. The eagle feeding tour is a unique experience where you are able to witness the speed and skill of these birds as they dive for food. Most prominent birds which can be seen are the white bellied sea eagle, brahminy  kite, common kite, etc.

At the northern side of the Palolem beach there is a small river which flows into the ocean. One can easily find a tour boat which will take into the mangrove jungle boat ride. The boat owners carry chicken bait with them to feed these birds. When they throw the food into the water the birds come swarming for the catch. They dive and snatch them with super speed and accuracy which is quite a spectacle.They sometimes fight each other for the catch in mid air. These boats usually charge around 300 rupees for about an hour of the ride but always remember to bargain to get a better deal. Visit it during the early morning and you feel eerie silence as the boat wades in water.

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